Since its foundation, MKS PAMP has proactively anticipated the impact of the precious metals industry upon the world-at-large, including operational, commercial, environmental and human factors. Our group is also one of the few industry leaders to significantly contribute to current international regulations and compliance guidelines that ensure the highest ethical standards and supply chain transparency. Our group offers an unprecedented service of personalized precious metals sourcing and production management – PROVENANCE™. 

What is Provenance™

1 What is Provenance™

Provenance™ is a cutting-edge traceability solution that leverages the blockchain technology to track the global precious metal supply chain, from source to end product, guaranteeing responsible sourcing through a transparent approach. 

The Provenance™ solution permits our clients to pick and choose the origin and the type of metal they want to assure a sustainable supply chain. 

A Source of Choice

2 A Source of Choice

Our clients have the choice to select from a list of preapproved, highly vetted sources from which to access material. Whether the desired origin of choice is from recycled material, or directly from the origin with large publicly traded mining companies or responsible artisanal small-scale operations, our list of suppliers span a wide range of options: Mining Dore - Recycled jewelry Recycled Electronic material Recycled Industrial material.

The Advantages of Provenance™

3 The Advantages of Provenance™

Provenance offers a wide-range of advantages to customers, ranging from managing risks, greater transparency across the supply chain to various marketing benefits. 

Origin of choice - We offer dedicated batch refining so that there is never any other precious metal from another source that comes in contact and pollutes the final product. So that 100% of the end product comes from a single selected source. 

Marketing advantages - Consumers want to know more about what they are purchasing. Whether it is a mine from Northwest Canada or gold that has been recycled with a lower carbon footprint, consumers today want to connect to their products and contribute to a more transparent and sustainable world.

Risk Management - Significantly reduce your reputational, legal and compliance risks with a solution that guarantees sourcing through a transparent approach.  

Complete chain of custody - From sourcing to product be in charge of your Supply Chain with our cutting-edge traceability solution - PROVENANCE

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Powered by Blockchain

4 Powered by Blockchain

A robust Blockchain that follows the refining process from upstream to downstream through a best-in-class system provides customers with an immutable, transparent record of each step of the metal sourcing and production processes.

Provenance™ - A responsible sourcing and transparency:

Blockchain based provenance tracking - Presented as a trace that can be drilled down - Based on multiple information sources - Accessible at product level - Secure and immutable - Integrated with VERISCAN™ bullion security authentication technology - Blockchain powered by a leader in Blockchain solutions

Transparent Certification

5 Transparent Certification

Each product has an attached physical certificate. These certificates will also be sent electronically before arrival of material. Each certificate is adorned with a QR code that can be scanned by any iPhone and accessed through our PAMP BM app.