MKS PAMP manufactures world renowned minted bars of exceptional quality that are sought after by connoisseurs and investors alike. It as been a pioneer in the minted bar industry by introducing innovations that have since become standard practice, allowing the company to build a market-leading position.

Wide Range of Products

1 Wide Range of Products

The group manufactures minted bars in all primary precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our products are available in a wide range of sizes and weights (from 0.3g to 1kg), as well as in a vast selection of original and appealing designs.

The aesthetics, artistry and craftsmanship of our products are significant elements of the group’s brand identity and are in fact embodied within the PAMP name – Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux. From the iconic Lady Fortuna motif to the latest Lunar Calendar bars depicting symbols of the Chinese zodiac, the in-house artistic teams at MKS PAMP are dedicated to continuously creating new and innovative designs, themes and finishing techniques. Compelling designs add value to the fine precious metal content; making PAMP bars the most coveted and collectible bullion in the world.


2 Quality

Our minted bars are produced using the highest Swiss engineering skills and the most advanced machinery, ensuring the excellence of the end product. The exceptional high-quality finish that both our refineries deliver is an internationally recognised signature of our brands. To ensure all products meet our exacting quality standards, specially trained employees in our rigorous quality-control centres carefully inspect the bars before shipping can commence. 


3 Innovation

Over the years, MKS PAMP has introduced several breakthrough products and services that have become market standards. These are shared among the group companies so that all of our customers can benefit from the most advanced products and the latest packaging innovations, such as:

- The Lady Fortuna: We were the first precious metals fabricator to use an artistic design to decorate the reverse of its small bars. The Lady Fortuna is today the world’s most iconic ingot motif.

- Colorisation: Our mint was first to develop engineering for the colorisation of bars and pendants.

- Multigram: The best-selling MULTIGRAM product series ingeniously secures select quantities of ingots within snap-off CertiPAMP® packaging and is a convenient way of bringing small bars to new customers while meeting all of our quality standards.


4 Liquidity

Manufactured with the same integrity as our cast bars, our minted bars offer investors and the trade alike outstanding liquidity on resale markets worldwide. Our bars’ unique and pioneering features assure greater resale potential, and when taken together, offer the highest possible level of assurance in the industry today:

- A brand signature designs – PAMP’s iconic Lady Fortuna motif is instantly recognized worldwide as calling cards of authenticity and sound provenance.

- Sealed and highly secure, CertiPAMP® packaging, first developed by MKS PAMP nearly 30-years ago and now the industry standard, bears essential marks of authenticity such as individual serial numbers, bar codes, and an official assayer’s signature.

- VERISCAN® is a breakthrough system that identifies any registered bullion product and aids in detecting counterfeits. The patented technology identifies the metal’s unique microscopic topography, like a fingerprint. Boosting efficiency and greatly reducing risk of counterfeit products, the system enhances the tradability of products bearing the VERISCAN logo for both the trade and public at large. Watch a video about Veriscan and the online userguide.