Our guiding principles

Purposeful - It  is our purpose that guides our activities, whether it's maximising shareholder value, our purpose is at the core of our work - it means engaging employees by providing meaning in their work, and having a positive impact on the world.  

Trust - At MKS PAMP, supply chain transparency allows us to have a greater oversight of our clients, suppliers and set goals on how we can generate greater value.

Responsibility - We work with organizations that prioritise ESG initiatives and support our ESG commitments.

Our approach

  • COLLABORATE – We define the objective by listening and exchanging with our stakeholders, and local and global communities.
  • DEFINE - We gather data and insights to create an ESG plan.
  • ACT:
    • Assess – We conduct a rigorous ESG evaluation based on our established key performance indicators to define a framework in which we can act.
    • Implement – We work with stakeholders to incorporate and oversee the ESG plan.
    • Monitor – We measure and track progress against our objectives.
    • Communicate – We share this information to our stakeholders.
    • Continuous improvement – We gather feedback and set new objectives.
Environmental Responsibility

1 Environmental Responsibility

In our operations we aim to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.


Green operations:

  • Since 2016, we have an agreement with the Swiss confederation to reduce CO2 emissions in our Ticino refinery.
  • Between 2016-2020, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 40%.
  • Science Based Targets approved by the SBT Initiative.
  • 100% hydroelectric power.
  • 100% clean water coming out of production processes.

Supply chain:

  • LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance
  • Strict due diligence process on environmental impact evaluation of our clients


  • Providers of ISO 14021 certified 100% recycled gold
  • ISO14001 Certified Environmental Management System
  • SA8000 Certified refinery


Ensuring that all of our processes are carbon conscious, and take considerable steps to reduce our emissions.

Green operations:

MKS PAMP SA commits to reduce absolute scope 1 GHG emissions 46.2% by FY2030 from a FY2019 base year. MKS PAMP SA also commits to continue annually sourcing 100% renewable electricity through FY2030. MKS PAMP SA further commits to reduce absolute scope 3 GHG emissions 27.5% by FY2030 from a FY2019 base year.

Supply chain:

Committed to circularity through the promotion of our recyclable products.

Social accountability

2 Social accountability

We are committed to being socially responsible protecting the people with whom we come in contact, either directly or indirectly.



  • Responsibility towards our customers – product quality, origin, transparency, ethical and compliant; stringent assessment of partners and suppliers.
  • Responsibility towards our local areas and communities – respecting human rights, assuring conflict-free products, and supporting social and economic development.

Health and Safety:

  • The only Swiss SA8000 certified refinery ensuring fair and decent conditions for workers, as well as adherence to the highest social standards.
  • Continuous involvement of staff in health and safety issues.

Human Rights:

  • Our clients are subject to strict due diligence processes to ensure the respect of human rights, and to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and corruption.



  • Ensuring that we engage and positively impact the community around us.
  • Nurture the best workforce in the Precious Metals industry in the world; diverse; qualified; an ideal place not only driven by monetary gain but also by the family spirit.

Health and Safety

  • Development of a culture of safety through regular professional and personal trainings, and awareness raising initiatives.

Human Rights

  • Combating serious abuses of human rights, avoiding contribution to conflict, and complying with the highest standards of anti-money laundering are an integral part of our core values and are central tenets of our operating procedures.
Good Governance

3 Good Governance

MKS PAMP SA is a family-run business with values such as family, integrity, partnership and entrepreneurship. Based on these values we have defined a number of internal policies that guide all actors in conducting business. Such policies include our Responsible Precious Metals Policy, our Harassment Free Work Place Policy, our Gift and Entertainment Policy, our IT Policy, our Code of Conduct are enforced for all.

We promote responsible practices and quality products for the current as well as for future generations.