Custom minting is the manufacturing of specific coins, medals or any other minted piece according to the individual requirements of our customers. Our refineries offer a full suite of services from original concept and design, through tooling, production packaging and marketing.

Custom Minting

1 Custom Minting

Whether clients want to celebrate a special occasion, come up with a corporate stamped original gift or use our minting facility for contract work, we offer access to the most modern minting technology as well as our in-house staff of highly skilled artists and market experts. Both minting facilities offer the greatest range of cutting-edge techniques in the industry, many exclusively ours, including gold and bi-metal plating, frosted, satin or high-polish finishing, gem-set variations, seamless edge technology, integrated hologram or precision, high-resolution color application, and artistic tarnish-finishing. This comprehensive, A-to-Z approach to the process of custom minting provides a virtually limitless range of specifications and beauty.